Withings Activité Pop Watch

If you’re looking for a chic, minimalist, and simple activity tracker, Withings Activité Pop watch fits right in. This analog watch syncs with your smartphone via bluetooth, and tracks your daily steps, sleep, heart rate, and sports. It is water-resistant, and can sense your swimming activities as well.  

Bacolod’s Never Ending Food Trip

A trip to Bacolod is like going on one big food adventure. Ask anyone about what to do there and you’ll most likely get an answer about where to eat and.. where to eat. Of course Bacolod offers more than just amazing food, they are rich in history and have successfully kept Spanish houses for everyone’s education, but that belongs … Read More

Costa Pacifica Resort: Beauty and Resplendence in Baler

Costa Pacifica Beach Resort, Baler, Aurora

In a tropical country like the Philippines, alluring and enchanting beach resorts abound.  These tourist attractions impeccably define this Southeast Asian territory as a heavenly place that is truly blessed with cool and relaxing waters, soft sands and cottages which are superbly designed to make each and every stay worth remembering.  Let this article take you to a world of … Read More

Magical Malasimbo

(Originally posted in 2014, on Create & Wander) Just behind a comical sign that reads “Please don’t feed the natives” is a man buried neck deep in the ground. His head, which he rotates slowly, is at the center of a spiderweb of colorful strings. He will remain this way, with his colorful cloth headress and white-painted face, for six … Read More

A Sumptuous Breakfast At Cafe By The Ruins

Cafe By the Ruins, Baguio City

Cafe by the Ruins, located at the heart of Baguio City, is a great way to start the morning. The cafe’s interiors are embellished by wooden bamboo decorations that truly resemble it’s Benguet ethnicity.  The cafe was literally built from the ruins left by the war. According the the cafe’s site, “The ruins we lay claim to are the remains … Read More

An Absolute Beachfront, Elysia Beach Resort in Donsol, Sorsogon

Elysia Beach Resort in Donsol, Sorsogon

An absolute beachfront, Elysia Beach Resort in Donsol, Sorsogon is the ideal place to unwind and experience Philippine’s tropical playground. It is at Elysia Beach Resort where guests can conveniently hop on a motorised boat from the nearby Whale Shark Interaction Center and begin an adventure of a close encounter with with one of the largest, most mysterious and gentle … Read More

5 Amazing Tourist Spots in Sagada

Bomod-ok Falls (Photo Courtesy: Kris Pau Sol @walterized on Instagram)

Sagada is located in Mountain Province which is about 275km from Metro Manila. It is recognized because of its unique way of burying their dead which is popularly called “hanging coffins”. Not everyone in Sagada is required to do this tradition and only people who are married and have grandchildren are qualified to do so. There are several things to … Read More

How-to Enjoy the Queen City of South – Cebu in 3 Ways

Kawasan Falls (Photo Courtesy: Neil Reid @reidyhk on Instagram)

Cebu is a famous place known for the historical Magellan’s Cross, and delicious delicacies like dried mangoes and dried fish. It is located in Central Visayas and also dubbed as the Queen City of the South. There are a lot of things to do when you are visiting Cebu from events, to food, to people, and to places. Here are … Read More

Philippine Culture: An In-Depth Analysis

A country is never complete without a culture. Culture is an encompassing sociological term, which came from the Latin word, cultura, denoting cultivation. Comprehensively, it is a process of enhancing the evolution of human capabilities with the objective of carefully classifying and representing  various human experiences, by the unique use of symbolic ideas or concepts; thereby,  acting them out in … Read More