Bacolod’s Never Ending Food Trip

A trip to Bacolod is like going on one big food adventure. Ask anyone about what to do there and you’ll most likely get an answer about where to eat and.. where to eat. Of course Bacolod offers more than just amazing food, they are rich in history and have successfully kept Spanish houses for everyone’s education, but that belongs to another post. For now, we’ll talk about where to eat when you’re in Bacolod City.

We stayed there long enough to experience all the must-try grills, restaurants and bakeries. The places I’ll be sharing with you guys are some of the places we have personally tried and absolutely loved. A side note, I won’t have photos for all the food I’ll be talking about because.. sometimes you just have to put the camera down and enjoy what’s in front of you

Grills and Open Eateries

Pamilya Grill

Also famously known as “Fake Bob’s”, this grill found in the Eroreco Subdivision, has one hell of a story. Bob’s Restaurant is a staple in Bacolod, very known for their Filipino dishes. They have also expanded into cafes and bakeries. This place is kind of like the Gloria Maris of Bacolod, great for big occasions and birthdays. For some, Bob’s might be a tad too pricey, especially for the travellers on a tight budget.

So here comes Pamilya Grill, letting you in on Bob’s infamous delicacies…for half the price. How on earth did this happen? Ask a local and let them tell you the whole story! Also, be sure to try their Sate Babe and Baby Back Ribs.



Easily spotted along Lacson Ave., this big restaurant that looks like a hut, is known for their buttered chicken and special sauce (which you can’t quite figure out what it’s made of- in a good way).  Their seafood dishes, such as the Blue Marlin and scallops are absolutely fresh and delicious. I suggest you eat there for dinner because it can get pretty hot during the afternoon. Or you can just order fresh fruit shakes to make up for it!

Lord Byron’s

Baby back ribs in Manila cost a pretty penny, ranging from at least P600-P1,000 to get yourself and 3 other friends stuffed. You probably won’t believe me when I say that those cost only P150 at Lord Byron’s which you can already split to 2. They taste just as good without burning your wallet. It’s a difficult place to find, but if you can track it down, it’s worth it.


I guess the best way to describe this dish is that if two of our favourite Filipino dishes, Sinigangand Bulalo had a love child, it would be the Cansi. Very generous with their servings, a regular bowl costs about P200+ that’s already good to share. I love how the bowls are just lined up at the counter, ready to be served during lunch time. You don’t have to wait long for your order, that’s for sure. Enjoy it with a bottle of soda and eat away!

There are two Cansi houses along Narra Ave. that you can choose from, Eron’s and Sharyn’s – both I’d say are equally delicious.


Manukan Country

Here we go. The motherland of Chicken Inasals, Manukan Country is a stretch of eateries where you can get your dose of authentic Inasal. Once you get there, people from all the different eateries will try to get you in theirs. You might get a little confused or overwhelmed, so I would suggest that you go for either Aida’s or Nena’s Beth both of which I have tried. I actually prefer Aida’s chicken (which is also available in Makati Cinema Square). Choose a part and let them cook it for you. There might be some fresh oysters available outside as well which you can include in your meal!



Pala-Pala on 18th Street


Everytime I’m in the province, I always always try to eat as much seafood as possible, because not only are they extremely cheap, they are fresh as ever. Pala-pala is where fishermen drop their catch to distribute to the market. This is basically a fish market where you can order by the kilo and have them cooked at a nearby restaurant. You can also tell them how you’d want your fish to be cooked, Sinigang style, grilled, etc. Sit down, relax, have a beer, and eat with your hands.

The Market


If you’d like to buy some dried fish, there are a variety being sold at the market. Take some home with you, you won’t regret it.


Calea’s and Felicia’s


Friends recommended A LOT of cake shops in the city. There are places called Tiffany’s and Sophia’s that we hadn’t tried, but it’s a no brainer that when you’re in the city you should go for Calea’s Blueberry Cheesecake and White Chocolate Cheesecake. I swear on my life that the Blueberry Cheesecake is really something to experience. Had to go back just to have another slice.

Felicia’s on the other hand, offers their famous Moist Chocolate Cake, which is perfect for those who appreciate cakes that are not intensely sweet. I absolutely love the fact that these huge slices of cake don’t even go over P100.

Emma Lacson’s Delicacies


Located in Rizal Street, Silay City (outside Bacolod), this house makes one of the best pili squares, lumpiang ubud and empanada. You won’t really see any signs pointing to the house, people just visit the home, knock on the gate, and order their boxes of delicacies.


I was utterly surprised to see a man cracking what looks like a mountain of pili nuts to make the delicious cakes. I was told that these nuts are very difficult to open and requires a bit of effort. So I honestly don’t know how this man does it. Makes you appreciate your sweets even more, doesn’t it?

So there you go! Make your rounds in Bacolod City and start stuffing your bellies with scrumptious food.

If you have more recommendations, go ahead and add them to this list by posting in the comments below!