Sorsogon’s Tourist Spots

Sorsogon is the province near Bicol. It is located in the southern part of Albay. It is on the tip of the Albay Peninsula. There are many different tourist spots that you can visit in this province all of which will offer the best relaxation and bonding moments with your friends and family members.

If you want to take a swim and relax in white sand beach, you should go to Rizal Gubat Sorsogon. This is not just ideal for swimming but as well as for beach combing and other beach activities. Cottages and rest houses are not  far from the beach area.  They are located in the middle of the abundant growth of coconut and other fruit bearing trees which provide fresh air and cool breeze…. perfect for your relaxation. This long white sand beach is situated in Gubat town just 25 minutes ride by car from the city proper. This is also a favorite picnic destination for both locals and foreign travelers.

Another tourist destination that most people would like to visit is Bato Limestone Cave which is owned by a private sector. It is just a hundred meters away from the Sawanfa-Bacon road. There are three limestone caves in the area. One cave is habitable while the other two used to be cemeteries.

The province is very safe and if you would like to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life and be one with nature, you may visit Sorsogon and choose one of the many tourist destinations available here. These tourist destinations will all be worth your time, money and effort. You will surely be one with nature and bond with your friends and family members. You do not have to spend too much just for you to enjoy the beauty of nature.

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