A Sumptuous Breakfast At Cafe By The Ruins

Cafe By the Ruins, Baguio City

Cafe by the Ruins, located at the heart of Baguio City, is a great way to start the morning. The cafe’s interiors are embellished by wooden bamboo decorations that truly resemble it’s Benguet ethnicity.  The cafe was literally built from the ruins left by the war. According the the cafe’s site, “The ruins we lay claim to are the remains … Read More

Strawberry Picking In La Trinidad, Baguio

La Trinidad, Benguet

Situated three kilometers from Baguio City proper is La Trinidad Valley whose main attraction is its vast strawberry farms, making it the strawberry capital of the Philippines. The municipality of La Trinidad has a total land area of almost 8,300 hectares consisting mostly of mountains, rivers, and springs. Its floor elevation is 1,300 meters above sea level which explains the … Read More

Baguio: Priceless and Captivating Gem of the North

Mines View Park, Baguio

Newly-weds always have in their itinerary the City of Pines, or otherwise known as Baguio City. In a sense of practicality, the moment you had asked this honeymooners the very reasons why they are choosing this tourist attraction apart from all the rest of the widely – known places of interest in the Philippines, they would simply give you one … Read More

Baguio – The City of Pines

The Manor, Camp John Hay, Baguio

Nature’s gift to  the indigenous people of the North is a place which has been endowed with multitudes of historical, cultural and fascinating tourist attractions,  which makes it mysteriously  interesting, profound and somehow timeless like a precious diamond stone. “Have you ever had inkling about this place of profound beauty and prestige? “  Yes, you are certainly correct. This mesmerizing … Read More

Baguio Cathedral – Baguio City

Our Lady of Atonement which is popularly known as Baguio Cathedral is a Catholic Church located in Baguio City, Philippines. It is unique because of its twin spires, rose colored exterior and traditional stained glass. It is one of the main attractions in Baguio City. During World War 11, the church served as the evacuation center for the Japanese. The … Read More

Top 3 Places to Never Miss in a Baguio Vacation

Baguio City is one of the wonders in the country that every Filipino must see and every tourist must experience to fully enjoy the Philippines. It is considered a truly remarkable destination not just for its cold atmosphere but also for its rich culture that displays Philippine’s best. Named as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”, people who enjoy the … Read More

Baguio City: The City of Pines

During the summer season where it is scorching hot in almost all cities in the Philippines, Baguio, the city of pines remains cool and one of the refuges of those who do not want to experience excessive sweating due to the warm season of the country. The city of Baguio is 1,500 meters above sea level. Its high altitude gives … Read More

Baguio, Timeless Destination

Tagged as the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio is never rusty when it comes to entertaining tourists. A little backgrounder on being a summer capital though, since the country is tropical and it can be extremely hot during the summer season, many local tourists enjoy a refreshing cool breeze. And that’s what Baguio is famous for, since it is … Read More

Baguio: The Summer Capital of the Philippines

Having a cool temperature, Baguio City is tagged as the summer capital of the Philippines. During summer season a lot of Filipino would go here for a short vacation and to stay away from the cities warm temperature. Burnham Park is the heart of the city. It is named after Daniel Hudson Burnham, an American  architect and urban planner  who … Read More