The Old Balete Tree in Maria Cristina, Aurora

Balete Tree, Baler Aurora

I am always mesmerized by natures ability to impress anybody.  Its beauty, strength and magnificence radiates time in and time out.  Through its course throughout time, its undeniable beauty in every creation makes one think, pause, and reflect. “Wow, God is an amazing Artist!”  Intricate details woven deep within the surface of the earth are just too plentiful to discount … Read More

Ditumabo Falls (Mother Falls) – San Luis, Aurora

Ditumabo Falls, San Luis, Aurora

There is always something exciting about trekking… Trekking that is to get to a certain magical place.  It always feels like the trek is the work we put in in order to get the reward, the magical place.  Well in this case, the work isn’t too much, a 20 minute hike in an easy to follow trail of cemented pathway, … Read More

Escape to Dicasalarin Cove and Baler Lighthouse, Baler Aurora

Dicasalarin Cove, Baler Aurora

There have been a number of write ups sharing the beauty there is in Dicasalarin Cove, a secluded haven privately owned by the Angara Family located in Baler, Aurora.  Curious to see whether the place is as grand as many previous visitors have said, we decided to embark on our own day tour to witness firsthand this majestic cove. We … Read More

Baler: The Beauty behind Waves

Considered as the business center of Aurora, Baler houses more than 34,000 residents. Known as a haven to surfing enthusiasts, the place does not only boast its waves that reaches up to nine feet but Baler has so many tourist attractions that travelers will certainly hate to miss out. Aside from the Aurora Cup that happens every February, there are … Read More