A Sumptuous Breakfast At Cafe By The Ruins

Cafe By the Ruins, Baguio City

Cafe by the Ruins, located at the heart of Baguio City, is a great way to start the morning. The cafe’s interiors are embellished by wooden bamboo decorations that truly resemble it’s Benguet ethnicity.  The cafe was literally built from the ruins left by the war. According the the cafe’s site, “The ruins we lay claim to are the remains … Read More

Mount Pulag: The Third Highest Summit of Topographical Magnificence and Splendor in the Philippines

Mount Pulag

The prodigious and most splendid natural treasure of the Philippines is one of the archipelago’s classical icons, when it comes to those mesmerizing tourist attractions, which magnificently embedded the unparalled wisdom and power of our creator. They are truly amazing and yet incomprehensible to the naked eye. Mount Pulag is one of the most incredible tourist attractions which has engrossingly … Read More

Mt Pulag, Benguet (Photo Drop)

Mt Pulag, Benguet (Photo: Jay So N @jxone on Instagram)

One of the foremost adventure destinations in Northern Luzon, Philippines – Mount Pulag is in many Filipino and international mountain climbers’ must-do list or bucket list, if you will. Standing at 2922 meters above sea level (MASL), Mount Pulag is the highest peak in Luzon, the third highest in the Philippines. If you’re planning on a hike to Mt Pulag, … Read More

Belief Systems of Benguet Province and its Cultural Labyrinths

The enigmatic province of Benguet is strategically located at the southern tip of the Cordillera Region. It is also found within the bounds of the southernmost part of Pangasinan and La Union in its western angle, alongside with Ilocus Sur. Primarily, Benguet Province proudly acts as the gateway of the highlands in Cordillera provinces. In addition to this, the mesmerizing … Read More