Emerald Waters of Taal Crater Lake

Emerald Waters of Taal Crater Lake

Emerald Waters of Taal Crater Lake – Tagaytay is one of the best places to visit in the Philippines. Like Baguio, it is considered as a highland city in the province of Cavite. It has breathtaking sceneries to feast our eyes onto and the environment has a cool climate. What made this place a famous tourist destination is because of … Read More

Cavitex: To boost Cavite Tourism

Cavitex (Photo Courtesy: @gladoodles on Instagram)

Cavite is home to many tourists destination, on e of which is the Taal Volcano and Lake situated in Tagaytay, Cavite. But aside from the superb volcano, Cavite is also a historical haven where the celebrated Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit, Cavite can be found. Indeed the province is truly a place where one could experience breathtaking sights, rich culture and … Read More

Cavite for Nature Lovers

Cavite is currently considered one of the booming provinces in Luzon. With several establishments being built every now and then, Cavite is certainly becoming conducive for people who will travel both for leisure or business. Known as the country’s historical capital, the province prides itself for various historical landmarks and museums. However, if you are the kind of tourist who … Read More

Tagaytay’s Well-Kept Secret: Sonya’s Garden

Tagaytay is not only home to the majestic and scenic Taal Volcano, it is also home to one of the best garden’s in Cavite: Sonya’s Garden. The mystical garden where flowers bloom endlessly all throughout the year is once a well-kept secret of Sonya, who inherited the said resort from her grandmother. It was once a place where only a … Read More

Munching in Bacoor City

Just a few hours from Manila, Bacoor City is the first place a traveler can find after a short drive along costal road. And with a bit of a drive that can be exhausting, it’s inevitable to feel a little bit starved and thirty. Good thing Bacoor City is a place of many sumptuous treats from refreshing deserts to fresh … Read More

Wagayway Festival in Imus, Cavite

Wagayway Festival is celebrated every 28th of May in Imus, Cavite to commemorate the Battle of Alapan where many Filipinos following the lead of General Emilio Aguinaldo risked their lives against the conquering Spaniards. Tagged as “wagayway” (wave), the historical Imus is the place when the Philippine Flag was first waved to signify a won battle. The said festival is … Read More