Costa Pacifica Resort: Beauty and Resplendence in Baler

Costa Pacifica Beach Resort, Baler, Aurora

In a tropical country like the Philippines, alluring and enchanting beach resorts abound.  These tourist attractions impeccably define this Southeast Asian territory as a heavenly place that is truly blessed with cool and relaxing waters, soft sands and cottages which are superbly designed to make each and every stay worth remembering.  Let this article take you to a world of … Read More

Ditumabo Falls (Mother Falls) – San Luis, Aurora

Ditumabo Falls, San Luis, Aurora

There is always something exciting about trekking… Trekking that is to get to a certain magical place.  It always feels like the trek is the work we put in in order to get the reward, the magical place.  Well in this case, the work isn’t too much, a 20 minute hike in an easy to follow trail of cemented pathway, … Read More