Intramuros: Under Different Light

Walled City - Intramuros, Manila (Photo Courtesy: @martin_7681 on Instagram)

Intramuros is among the places in Manila that are not given enough attention to. Many  get in and out of the walled metropolis and yet remain clueless of how significant it is. The truth is Intramuros is a living proof of the Filipinos’ rich history. If those walls could talk, there will be a lot of incredible stories to tell … Read More

The Best of Tourism in Manila, Philippines

Manila is the capital city of the Philippines, this is also one of the most advanced and urbanized city in the country.  Many business centers are to be found here but Manila, Philippines is not just a place to work. Here you will find plenty of tourism spots with historical significance. Take the place of Intramuros for example. Located here … Read More