Philippine Culture: An In-Depth Analysis

A country is never complete without a culture. Culture is an encompassing sociological term, which came from the Latin word, cultura, denoting cultivation. Comprehensively, it is a process of enhancing the evolution of human capabilities with the objective of carefully classifying and representing  various human experiences, by the unique use of symbolic ideas or concepts; thereby,  acting them out in … Read More

The Basic Precepts of Astrology and its Cultural Stigma to Filipino Culture

For over a thousand years, astrology has never been a part of the scientific way of thinking, of the most brilliant thinkers in the metaphysics of science. However, this branch of study continues to be a part of a country’s culture and traditional beliefs which are oftentimes going beyond the boundaries of appropriate cognitive understanding and assimilation, as well as … Read More

Philippines: Top Choice for Many Tourists

If you are planning a vacation but you have not yet fully decided where to go, consider coming to the Philippines. The country has an outstanding view of scenic nature spots and it is an ideal place for people who love to spend time with the nature. Here, you can hike/climb mountains and enjoy the beaches. In choosing beaches, you … Read More

What Do You Get From Travelling the Philippines?

What makes the Philippines a great destination is that it is a well-rounded destination. Although many thinks the Philippines is merely a beach destination, the truth is it is only a quarter of what the Philippines has in store for you. The Philippines is a natural sanctuary. More than the powdery sands, clear blue sea and grand mountains, the country … Read More