Travel Documentary on the Philippines: Ultimate Journeys

Video Source: ExploreTravelWorld @ Tourism in the Philippines is a major economic contributor to the Philippine economy. The Philippines is an archipelagic country composed of 7,107 islands. It offers a rich biodiversity with its tropical rainforests, mountains, beaches, coral reefs, islands, and diverse range of flora and fauna, making it as one of the megadiverse countries in the world. In 2012, … Read More

Philippine Airlines: Flag Carrier of the Philippines

Philippine Airlines (Photo Courtesy: Gian Carlo Daus @giancarlodaus on Instagram)

Tourism is an integral part of economic development and global competitiveness. It is a voyage for recreational, leisure or it is even employed in terms of business agendas. In a global perspective, it is a kind of activity that has become the most in demand leisure activity. Of course, tourists cannot circumnavigate the world without the assistance of a flight … Read More

All You Need to Know about the Philippine Flag

The Philippines’ communal flag can be simply and richly described as a horizontal- shaped emblem of the sovereign Filipino nation, with coordinated bands of royal blue and scarlet- red respectively. In addition, the Philippine flag has a white-colored quadratic triangle on  its heave. Meanwhile, in the middle of the flag’s triangle, is a golden, yellow representation of the sun, alongside … Read More

An Overview of Philippine Tourism

The Philippines is an archipelago located between the West Philippine Sea (formerly known as South China Sea) and Philippine Sea. It is in the farthest eastern side of Asia that is why there are countries who calls it a Far Eastern Country. Although there are smaller islands, the Philippines is composed of 3 major islands known as Luzon, Vizayas and … Read More

Baguio Cathedral – Baguio City

Our Lady of Atonement which is popularly known as Baguio Cathedral is a Catholic Church located in Baguio City, Philippines. It is unique because of its twin spires, rose colored exterior and traditional stained glass. It is one of the main attractions in Baguio City. During World War 11, the church served as the evacuation center for the Japanese. The … Read More

Having More Fun in The Philippines

7,107 islands, a vast land for vegetation, a strategic travel location, who wouldn’t have heard of a place called Philippines? Being called as Pearl of the Orient, this group of islands consisting of a rich history of mixed Asian, American and European traces is hailed to be the world’s third largest English speaking country. And because of this, the Philippines … Read More

A Perfect Place to Relax for Busy Individuals

“Free times” are luxuries to those who are very busy with their jobs. For them, spending their free time must be worthwhile and memorable as they do not know when they will ever have another one for themselves or for their family. If you think you belong to this category, then you must know how to value your free time … Read More