Crab Loco Restaurant @ Subic Grand Seas Resort

Crab Loco Restaurant, Subic Grand Seas Resort

Crab Loco Restaurant is located within the vicinity of Subic Grand Seas Resort.  A wide selection of tasteful cuisine and an enjoyable laid back vibe is what you can expect if you visit this place.  Not only is the place open for Subic Grand Seas Resort guests, but it is also open for those who are just passing by. With … Read More

Relax and Let Loose at Subic Grand Seas Resort

Subic Grand Seas Resort, Barrio Barreto, Olongapo City

The sun is smiling at us once again, ready to touch on lives that are ready to accept its exuberance and glow.  As the days of bright sunlight becomes more common during this Philippine summer season, discovering new places of interest has been a more and more entertaining undertaking to be done with family and friends. Not far from Metro … Read More

Subic: Base Camp for the Family

Zoobic Safari, Subic Philippines (Photo Courtesy: @vr_roaminglad on Instagram)

A few years ago, when people speak of Subic, most Filipinos would mention Americans and military bases. This is partly true since for many years, the American Military camps settled within the Subic grounds and seas. On the good side, when the foreign military settled in Subic, their economic status improved pooling in many investors and businesses in. But soon, … Read More

Random Places to Visit in the Philippines

The Philippines  never fail to impress when it comes to tourism. There are many places to visit when you go to Philippines. Whether you are fond of going to places with historical percepts or you simply want to enjoy the views of nature, The Philippines has it all for your unforgettable vacation. The locals are very friendly. The people there … Read More

Why Everybody Loves Subic

Subic Grand Seas Resort, Barrio Barreto, Olongapo City

Nature lover? Then Subic is one of the best destinations for you. Subic Bay boasts an amazing ambience that most travelers would love to experience. If you are a city person who wants an escape from your usual busy and noisy world, then hop on the next bus going to Clark and enjoy a one of a kind vacation. Located … Read More

Subic Bay – Olongapo City – Zambales Tourist Hub

Situated within the City of Olongapo, in the province of Zambales is a tourist hub known worldwide is Subic Bay.   A vast area to enjoy and have fun throughout the year.   With the cool and calm water of the bay it is the perfect spot for diving.  Go discover and explore the ship wreckages and coral reefs under water. There … Read More