Emerald Waters of Taal Crater Lake

Emerald Waters of Taal Crater Lake

Emerald Waters of Taal Crater Lake – Tagaytay is one of the best places to visit in the Philippines. Like Baguio, it is considered as a highland city in the province of Cavite. It has breathtaking sceneries to feast our eyes onto and the environment has a cool climate. What made this place a famous tourist destination is because of … Read More

Taal Volcano – Smallest Active Volcano

View of Taal Lake (Photo Courtesy: @jassonpr on Instagram)

Taal Volcano has been called the smallest active volcano in the world and part of the pacific ring of fire. It is located about fifty (50) kilometers south of the city of Manila. The following towns that lay around the lake, situated within easy reach and less than four (4) kilometer are Taal, Talisay and Tanauan. To reach the site, … Read More

Batangas: Where to Go

Manilenos find Batangas as one of the nearest escape from their busy lives in the city. Going to Batangas is so easy that it will only take you 3 hours or a bit more to experience the amazing places and culture that it can offer. Planning to visit Batangas? Here are the places that you may want to visit to … Read More

Batangas Delicacies

Aside from the wealthy nature Batangas has to offer, every tourist must try the foods this province has perfected over the decades. Because of the cooler weather in Batangas, the Batanguenos always have Bulalo on their weekly menu.  Bulalo or Beef Bone Marrow soup is served during rainy seasons by the Batanguenos.  It is similar to cooking Nilagang Baka, only … Read More

Municipality of Taal

One cannot escape the nostalgia of yesteryears if a trip to this town is arranged. The municipality of Taal is named as the Barong Tagalog and Tagalog speaking capital of the Philippines.  It is a 4th class municipality of the province of Batangas situated atop a rolling hill bounded by Pansipit River and the neighboring towns of Lemery, San Nicolas, … Read More